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             Graduation A Once in a Lifetime Experience.
             Graduation is the end of an old life and the beginning of a new life. It's a once in a lifetime experience to walk across the stage. There is a lot of time and preparation behind this incredible event. .
             The morning of the graduation ceremony or either the day before the students has to practice for the ceremony. Everybody practices as though it was the actual graduation. The students get if alphabetical order according to their last names. The teacher's staff members show the students how to stand and sit in rows. Students get in lines of about thirty per row and about six to seven rows deep. They practice that when the row in the front sits, the row behind stands at the exact same time. Everybody gets to wear casual clothes for the practice. Everybody has a wonderful time with other graduates because it may be the last time they will be able to goof off and have fun. The students go all the way through the program once and the teachers and staff members make sure you name is pronounced correctly. After all this is complete the students do the final run through to make sure all the mistakes are worked out, then everybody walks across the stage again. Finally after all this is over with, they get to go home and prepare for graduation. .
             Next begins the most exciting yet emotional parts for the seniors and their families, the actual graduation ceremony. As the students enter the gymnasium, everybody on the bleachers stand until the speaker tells everybody to sit down, the students have to line up alphabetically, and walk hurriedly and remain standing in front of their seats until everyone has entered and the National Anthem is sung. Then everyone is seated, and the ceremony begins. First of all the principles stand and make a speech, then there are the guest speakers who make long speeches of honor to the graduates. After all the speeches are made, the students with GPA's above 3.

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