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             Graduation for me was like a bird that has escaped from his cage. All I can remember was the year of 2003, it was the year that I would never forget. I t was my senior year and finally my time to shine so bright like the sun. I would never forget the goodbyes, the cries , the ups, and the downs. The whole time I was in the 12th grade all I could say was" I cant wait until I graduate!" I knew when this day came it was going to bring new light to my eyes like a new born baby opening his eyes for the first time.
             Graduation was the main event, but I can't forget the day of my senior picnic. Senior picnic was one of the most wild and crazy events that had taken place. People were hanging out of their car windows like wild animals. It was a lot of screaming, drinking, smoking, and fighting. I would always here the ringing sound of the police car pulling somebody over or braking up a fight. Besides all of that I had a good time laughing and being around all of my friends.
             It was now June 12th ,the day of my senior prom ,and four days until graduation. Prom was a night to remember and like a dream come true. The music was so loud it was like the sounds were bouncing off the walls. People were dancing so hard you could hear the collapsing sounds in their voices. I would hear, "that dress is so cute, and why did she wear that to the prom. Getting though all the fashion shows, who dress is ugly, who suit is to tight and why did she wear that hair style to prom. Prom was one of the best and joyful moments in my senior, next to graduation.
             The best day in my life so far had came, June 16th 2003 graduation. Graduation was like a kid in the candy store running free. I knew it was a time for me to move on to better thing in life, and live up to my goals. At Graduation parents, family and friends were crying, laughing, clapping, cheering, and even screaming. I felt a sudden rumble of fear in my stomach when they came to call my name, my palms were sweating of sudden nervousness.

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