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A Light During Midnight

             Are you supposed to be fighting a heart - wrenching war with yourself? Knowing me is like reading a dark, twisted story written by Edgar Allen Poe, which symbolizes the whole story of my emotional, downward spiraling, existence. Life as I know it is one huge unnoticed crux (A difficult problem).(Simple sentence) Two personalities are what mends me together to make a whole person no matter how ambiguous (unclear) they are when combined together. One side is the electrified (extremely excited) fairytale that shows the happy, winsome (light hearted) personality. The second personality is the deep, dark, horror movie side which easily allows me to be swivet (being overly agitated) and depressed. Understanding both my personalities will give me a better understanding on who I am and if I need to change at all.
             Basic dark colors show my undertone (low emotions) personality. Blatant (offensively loud) to warm neutral colors symbolizes the more positive, Pukka (genuine) side of the picture. (Complex sentence) The blue background, along with the blue in my clothes, represent the depression that I go through everyday. Looking at the deep red lips symbolizes the way my anger always comes out verbally towards others. The long, straight brown hair shows my calm nature that usually shows around others. A glowing yellow around me states that the positive things that happen to others is what sparks my happiness to show. .
             Like colors, shapes can say more than anything about how you see yourself. Ovals are the shape of my thighs, at least in my eyes. Since I feel and look like embonpoint (big fat person), the best shape to symbolize that feeling is a circle around the stomach. Since my arms are weak and flabby, the best match would be clay that has been flattened from a fist, so it looks sick with calcite. The eyes would be the shape of almonds with sparkling, light hazel coloring. This shows that my eyes are the first thing people judge me on and see.

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