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What Is The Marketing Concept

             This SWOT analysis provides the strengths and weaknesses in our community, and describes the opportunities and threats that face the move your feet program.
             • Strengths .
             The Thibodaux community has an approach to fitness that can show positive results and maintain the health of the community. A well-planned and structured health wellness program can be established. This wellness program is designed to improve the overall health of the individuals in the community over a long period of time. The move your feet program will have a capable staff which will implement its policies. .
             • Weaknesses.
             The cost of providing the community with a wellness program may be expensive and hard to provide continuous support for. The Thibodaux area may not be large enough to support a wellness program like Move Your Feet. The cost of attracting people into a wellness program like this one may be greater than the funds made available. The timing of the fitness carnival may also be a weakness because the summer months may slow the start of the program. Parents may be reluctant to allow their children to walk in the summer heat.
             • Opportunities.
             The Thibodaux market is a growing one which may have more and more people open to a health wellness program like Move Your Feet. The wellness program itself could make the Thibodaux a more attractive place to live which would make the market grow even more. There is an opportunity to prove that a health wellness program could increase the overall health of the area, and could possibly be linked to a more productive economy. A chance to change the attitude of an unhealthy society is possible.
             • Threats.
             The overall laziness of the state of Louisiana and the Thibodaux community will be a threat to the wellness program. The attitude that food and drink are the most important hobbies will hinder the program. The number of fast food restaurants in the Thibodaux area definitely threatens the effectiveness of the Move Your Feet program.

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