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What Do You Say After You Say Hello

            "What do you say after you say hello", by Eric Berne,M.
             What do you say after you say hello? This question is asked all over the world by different people and the reason it can't be answered is the basic psychological garbage we all have inside our heads. Our mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers, and anyone else who has a predetermine thought about how people should live their lives. Berne says that people have an illusion on how we react to each other. Such as if you meet a person and we talk to them as what we call "normal" voice and looking them straight in the eyes and then find out he/she is dying we get up set because we feel that we did not give them the respect that was need like in a low voice with our heads down and not looking them in the eyes. We forget that they are living now in the present and not in the past or in their heads. We have a predetermined attitude towards that person. Berne's theory is that we have had to learn these notions about people from our family and the ancestral attitudes. Berne also writes about the different types of scripts that people have such as; the winners, losers, non winners, sex scripts, and the clock time and goal time. The most typical scripts that most people are; little pink riding hood or the waif, Sisyphus or they you go again, little miss miffit or you cant scare me, old soldiers never die or who needs me, the dragon slayer or daddy knows best, Sigmund or if you cant do it one way try another, Florence or see it through, and tragic.
             Dr Berne's conclusion was that the harder the script that the person has is the easies to talk to a stranger. Oedipus, who got away with the one liners to women and men as well as the robber who says shut- up. Though most people go through six different situations to talk to someone and they are; 1st a structured setting, 2nd a social setting, 3rd an unstructured setting, 4th where one word is needed to talk to someone like at a concert or a loud assembly, 5th where there is a possible rejection like at a bar trying to meet someone, and 6th where your not supposed to talk.

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