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What I Can Do For My Employer

             This subject is one that many new employees ask themselves while they are finishing up there last term of school. The three basic Ideas I will focus on are, A fresh new worker with new ideas, my work ethics and personality, and my devotion to the position in return for advancement. I chose these topics due to the fact that I wanted to show something more then what normally would be talked about. I feel that thinking out side the box for this discussion would help to advance me in the mind of the reader. With these basic main topics I hope to show that I am willing and able to complete the job I am assigned in the field of work I chose.
             As a new employee I will be entering my work atmosphere with a fresh new thought process and way of looking at things that may help create an overall work process and standard. I will be bringing with me my way of looking at a problem or way of thinking. I am a creative and decisive individual who prides himself on being able to go above and beyond. In a situation where I am placed in a creative atmosphere I will be able to work well with others and advance the thought process to the next level. I am good with shooting ideas off of others and working with them to come to a more creative solution. I may have a way of looking at our team project that no one has thought of yet. I will bring a new sense of brainstorming and hopefully work with my teammates to take the next step forward. A well-oiled team and creative bunch is the recipe for a great conclusion to any project.
             My work ethics and personality will help bring me right into an existing team. I work very well with others as well as alone. I"m a team player who believes that every ones idea counts for something. I am able to work well under and over others and enjoy a challenge when it comes to projects. I am a natural born leader and can be a helpful subordinate as well. I have a wide range of skills from all angles that include but do not limit me to: customer service, creative mind, project planning, adaptability, face to face customer communication skills, professionalism, and dependability.

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