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Death Penalty For Juveniles

             The following research draws upon different opinions and perceptions for and against the further enactment of the death penalty for juvenile offenders. The various articles that are presented draw conclusions on the pros and cons of using the death penalty as punishment for young offenders. Numerous views surfaced in my research such as the views of president Bush, prominent authors and court officials as well as the views of individual states. .
             In order to fully evaluate this sensitive topic I have presented a mixture of opposing perceptions related to the question should juveniles receive the death penalty for capital offenses? A collection of questions will be answered, first what are the reasons for abolishing the death penalty? Secondly, why does the death penalty for juveniles remain? How often is the death penalty given to juveniles and what if any are the profiles of juveniles on death row? Lastly, is discrimination present when studying the juvenile death penalty in relation to age, race, mental ability, and previous circumstances?.
             Overall, each article provides separate interpretations that intermingle or conflict on the debate of the death penalty for youth. In an in depth analysis on a controversial issue it is essential to discuss both sides of the argument and interpret the main underlying points of the different perceptions and define the bias that is illustrated.
             1. Cothern, L. (2000). Juveniles and the Death Penalty. Coordinating Council on .
             Juvenile and Delinquency Prevention, 1-15.
             B. Cothern presents through an historical analysis of the death penalty and research on inmates the suitability of the death penalty for juveniles in comparison with the basis for which the juvenile justice system was originally established. The article presents the issues that the juvenile justice system was founded upon in order to hold juveniles accountable for their crimes, while supplying treatment and rehabilitative programs.

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