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What Is A Grandmother?

             To my amazement, and great disappointment, an integral part of history and personal development, a Grandmother, has been defined with only 6 words; "Mother of ones mother or father." Even worse, Grandma, as most are called, is defined as "An insulting word for a woman who the person speaking considers to be old.".
             In order to try and make sense of such an ill-defined word, we must first look further. Mother is actually defined as a female parent, a very large object, the origin or cause of something, and someone who tries to overprotect her children or worries about them all the time. A mother is even the head of a convent. Although I feel this definition of a mother is understated, it does begin to give some understanding of what a grandmother may be. After all, she was a mother before becoming a grandmother. .
             Now, I believe that grand is in this word for a reason, it means magnificent, large, impressive, dignified, noble, admirable, and wonderful. On their own, each of these words portrays grandeur. If combined with mother or its current definition, the true meaning is still lacking. If Merriam-Webster, Oxford, and American Heritage would have asked, I could have overnight expressed them a more authentic, realistic meaning of a grandmother before their last printing. .
             A grandmother is a teacher, mother, best friend, and confidant all rolled into one. She is always there to listen without judgment, and give advice without criticism. A grandmother doesn't talk down to you or make you feel inadequate. She treats you as an equal and with respect. She is humble, warm, kind, and very much admired.
             A grandmother passes down her habits and beliefs. Without knowing, she instills in you to buy at least 3 of any dry goods or toiletries, "just in case." She shows you that family and friends are what matters in life, and to never watch people go without when you have plenty, even if that means giving them your last one.

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