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Drunk Driving

            1) There were three national strategies to combat impaired driving that was presented by Chuck Hayes. The three national strategies are: "High Visibility Enforcement, "Training more Prosecutors on Alcohol and Screening and Brief Intervention."(Hayes). The first strategy, high visibility enforcement is sending a message to drivers. This message is to fear arrest, show strict sanctions if caught and jail time/ license suspension, and car impoundment. Strategy two would train prosecutors on alcohol and drugs. This would train them how they can improve the system. For example, sobriety checkpoints, saturation patrols, drug evaluation and classification program, roadside breathe testing, and Per Se Laws such as .08 and above is Oregon's legally impaired limit to drive. Strategy three is screening and brief intervention which would question if a person is at risk .
             2) The legal definition of impaired driving is if you can be found guilty of drunk driving, also called driving while intoxicated (DWI) or driving under the influence (DUI), if the state can prove either that you are legally intoxicated while driving, meaning that your body shows alcohol levels above a state-mandated limit. The most common level is .10 percent, as determined by a blood test or breath test, though in some states the level is lower. (In Colorado, for instance you are legally impaired if your alcohol level is .05 percent.) For drivers of commercial vehicles, the level may is usually .05 and lower. Some drugs that also affect impairment are, "hallucinogens which are drugs that cause hallucinations, Phencycidine(PCP) which slows down the thought process among many other things, narcotic analgesics which are pain relievers that are very closely related to heroin, Inhalants which are fumes that can be inhaled from gasoline, whip cream bottles, and the last drug Cannabis which is Hash oil or Marijuana." (Rutledge).
             3) Five main points from Nigel Wrangham's presentations:.

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