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Whats Being Done To Service

             Introduction .
             What are Companies Providing to Ensure Employee Satisfaction? ." .3,4.
             Does Employee Training Play a Role in Customer Satisfaction? .".4,5.
             What Does Southwest Provide Its Customers? .8,9.
             What Does American Offer Better than Southwest? .9,10.
             What About the Internet? 11,12.
             What's In Store for the Future? .12,13.
             Conclusion .13.
             How to Contact Each Airline ."15,16.
             Comics 17.
             Table of Illustrations .18.
             Index 19 .
             Airlines have increasingly had to maintain good customer relations due to competition. What are certain companies such as Southwest and American airlines doing to ensure quality customer service on their flights? The purpose of this study is to examine how these two airline companies meet consumer needs, in order, to stay competitive. The airlines' customer service will be evaluated on customer relation's skills, types of complementary services, promotional incentives, and airline dependability.
             What are Companies Providing to Ensure Employee Satisfaction?.
             The main idea that comes to mind when speaking to employees at southwest is there continued commitment to employee satisfaction. Employees who enjoy .
             their jobs and feel valued and appreciated will, in turn, display a positive and helpful attitude toward customers. Southwest encourages their employees to bring their ideas directly to the top. Employees feel like they serve a sense of purpose. Herb Kelleher, Southwest's legendary CEO, consistently puts his employees first. Southwest Airlines recently topped a recent Fortune magazine listing of "The 100 Best Companies to Work for in America,"" "Working hear is truly an unbelievable experience. They treat you with respect, pay you well, and empower you.

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