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Subconcious Truth

            Some people believe that dreams contain spiritual messages; some, that dreams predict the future. Psychologists define dreams as visual and auditory experiences that our minds create during sleep; yeah, like that clears anything up for me. The average person has four or five dreams a night. Most dreams last about as long as the events would in real life. Usually, dreams consist of a sequential story or a series of stories. Stimulation, both external (such as hearing your television on or hearing people talking) and internal (like a stomachache or headache), may modify an ongoing dream, but they do not initiate dreams. What does cause those seemingly incoherent dreams that we have? Psychologists have proposed numerous explanations as to what initiates the strange dreams. .
             Sigmund Freud was the first modern theorist to investigate this topic. He believed that dreams represent wishes that have not been fulfilled in reality, and he asserted that people's dreams reflect the motives guiding their behavior-motives of which they may not be consciously aware. Freud distinguished between the surface content of dreams and their latent content-the hidden, unconscious thoughts or desires that he believed were expressed indirectly through dreams. In dreams, according to Freud, people allow themselves to express instinctive desires that are relatively free of moral controls. For example, someone not consciously aware of hostile feelings toward their father may dream about murdering him. However, even in a dream, such hostile feelings may be censored and transformed into a symbolic form. For example, the desire kill your own father may be placed into the dream as seeing him off at an airport. According to Freud, this process of censorship and symbolic transformation accounts for the highly illogical nature of many dreams.
             Research I did on a few of my own dreams appears to prove Freud's theory true to me.

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