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Why America Allows Slavery In The 21st Century?

            Why America Allows slavery in the 21st century?.
             Slavery according to the historians is the part of our history that we should be most ashamed of. The atrocities committed during the colonization times makes us realize how much we have changed and how civilized we are today. Some other problems such as racism, that came along with slavery, still challenge our way of thinking, proving that we may be in the twenty first century but our mind is stuck in the era of colonization. We still think that other people have less value because of the color of their skin or their nationality. It is said that slavery ended somewhere along the 19th century, but the truth is that slavery is nowadays within us. We know it is there and we know that it is affecting our society, but we ignore it by giving dull excuses. We are repeating our mistakes and we are also repeating our history. It is like a cycle that repeats every certain time, and we are again at the point where we accept other kinds of slavery. Our knowledge has changed and our land has changed, but our way of thinking in some areas remains pretty much the same. We still feel love and we still get scared, because that is part of our nature. But we accept slavery because we feel like somebody is invading our territory, forgetting that we are all created equal and that our ancestors were once immigrants too.
             After America was discovered in 1492 by Cristobal Colon, it became more profitable to trade slaves because they were cheap and abundant. But historians say that it all started as early as the 7th century. The conquistadors needed labor force in order to achieve their goal of colonizing the New World, so they went to Africa where the Royal African Monopoly controlled a vast majority of the community and forced them into slavery. Those slaves were strong people who were able to complete the physical jobs the colonizers would not do, like being servants or working in crops.

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