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Young Goodman Brown

            If there is one thing to learn from Nathaniel Hawthorne's "Young Goodman Brown" then it would have to be that there is a little bit of evil in every aspect of life. In the short story, Goodman Brown leaves his wife Faith, who is "aptly named", behind to go on a journey into the forest to meet with the devil (102). Along his journey he comes across several members of his town and family. He also witnesses these people taking part in an evil worship service. His symbolic journey into the realm of evil (the forest) opens his eyes to the evil that inherits his family and close friends, and leads to Young Goodman Brown to a loss of innocence. He comes to the conclusion that there is no containing evil, and that evil is apparent in all society. .
             The first of the allegorical evils was an encounter with Satan in the evil forest. Soon after getting into the forest, Goodman Brown spots a figure in the mist ahead. The figure was the purpose of his journey into the forest. He (the figure) was an older man, which resembled Goodman Brown. The most discerning aspect of this traveler was his staff, " which bore the likeness of a great black snake-(103). The traveler's staff seems to symbolize the evilness of its keeper. Goodman Brown tries to stop his journey into the woods, but he is persuaded (by evil) to keep on going. Satan now starts to introduce the evil that is apparent in his family by talking about his father and grandfather and the things they did in the past. Goodman Brown is surprised at the tales that he is hearing. He does not want to believe that his relatives are not the good Puritans family he has always known them as. Goodman Brown gets is first exposed to the evil in his family that he had never known. .
             Next, Goodman Brown is exposed to the evil in his religion. He encounters Goody Cloyse, "a very pious and exemplary dame, who had taught him his catechism in youth, and was still his moral and spiritual adviser-(104-105).

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