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Nationalism in Australia

             Nationalism in Australia .
             There were are number of interacting factors which were important. Among these were that Europe was divided into Armed Camps that each country was eagerly preparing to fight for the benefit of its own nation. In the years after 1900, many European people were aggressive nationalists. They thought that their own country was best. One of the forces making for trouble was extreme nationalism. This was a very powerful emotion. People who fell under this spell were willing to take any action to help their own nation, regardless of its effect on others. To promote their nations" interests, they were even ready to start wars. Bismarck's inspiration for war against France was nationalism. Germany seized Lorraine and Alsace, and because of this the relationship between France and Germany diminished. A war of revenge was planned by the Frenchmen as they could not sit under the rule of the Germans and suffer the loss of their provinces. In the Balkans, Nationalism also lead to rivalries. This is Russia wanted to influence more of the Slavic nation. Russia supported Serbia in every circumstance. However, the Austria-Hungary Empire was weary of Russia's actions. Realization came to mind that their country would dissolve, as the millions of Slavs would gain independence.
             Although Nationalism was involved in the causes of the war, it was not the only cause. The frequent quarrels between countries were the leading to imperialism (the building of empires overseas). A constant threat to peace during the late nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth was the disputes over colonies for example the dispute between France and Germany with the battle over Alsace and Lorraine, and Russia and Austro- Hungarian Empire over the Balkans.
             The threat of peace was aroused by the sudden preparation of armies and navies.

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