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Communication Between Men and Women

            Of the many ways men and women differ one is communication. Men are typically more private and nonverbal. Women prefer to express their feelings more openly and verbally. Watch two young men when other women are present. When one of our two men spots an attractive young lady, he will want the other to see her too. In most cases he will get the other young man's attention, use a facial expression to indicate interest, and with a slight nod of his head or movement with his eyes indicate the direction of the attractive girl in question. .
             If two women were to be put in the same situation, they would either point very obviously, or whisper and giggle. Their actions would leave the young man with no doubt as to what they were discussing. Men are able to communicate solely through facial expressions and grunts. Common aspects of male nonverbal communication often include a raised eyebrow to ask a question, a snort to indicate sarcasm, or two quick grunts to show amusement.
             Women depend more on verbal communication, and prefer to be told what a man is feeling. Men would rather other people pick up on the signals he's using, to show his feelings.
             The differences in communication between men and women stem from the common belief that only women are allowed to show emotion. Men feel going to the doctor, or communicating their feelings openly, is the equivalent of admitting weakness. If a wife has to figure out that her husband is sick, the husband feels that he is not showing weakness because he didn"t complain. He can also convince himself that he's not really sick and is only going to the doctor and taking the medicine to make his wife happy.

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