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Men, Women and Communication

            Bill Cosby once said, "Men and women belong to different species, and communication between them is a science still in its infancy. " Through observation and personal experience, I have realized the validity of this statement. The way men and women communicate are on complete opposite sides of the spectrum. Even though men and woman speak the same language, they often fail to communicate due to the different ways they speak. This phenomenon is known as genderlect. While observing and listening to the everyday communication between men and women, there is often a lack of understanding because of different ways communication is developed and the way relationships are built.
             Let's talk!- Girl talk! Relationships between girls are focused around talking. There is not a thing a girl can not share with her girlfriends. Less talk- more action! Boys have other approaches to building friendships. Their main focus is on activities rather than conversations. Boys keep their problems to themselves and do not see the point in sharing personal issues. Whether it be sharing secrets, relating experiences, or revealing problems, talking it out is essential to a girl's communicational development. Every one has drama and everyone deals with it differently, but there is a common difference between the way men and woman deal with certain situations. When most girls get into disagreements or drama, they tend to hold that on each other for a long time. They may get over it but it affects all aspects of their relationships. Men can get into disagreements and arguments but easily move on from that subject and as if nothing happened go on and get lunch together. Most girls do not have much of a problem talking to other girls they just met and that is why girls tend have very large friend circles. Although they really only open up to a couple of close " true friends, " most men are friendly too but when it comes to a friends group men prefer to keep it limited to only a few buddies that have been around each other for a long period of their lives.

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