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             I've been always curious about how other people see me as a person "do they see me positively or is it the opposite? Others think that I'm a snobbish type of person, hello where the hell did they get that idea??? Snobbishness is not a good trait "I know that! That's why I slightly get embarrassed whenever I discover someone disliking me for such reason! "You should not be embarrassed,"" my friend once told me, "instead, you should put in mind that people have different ways on judging a person "some base it on their own interpretation of the actions of that person while others would just simply base it on the impressions of their friends on that person and then it's already up to him, whether he would like or dislike that person.
             A generous-hearted woman "this is my major characteristic I think, my friends won't surely deny this "it could be in terms of money (I don't know but for me, money does not make a big deal, well I'm not saying that we have lots of it, huh?!) Or it could also be in terms of giving time "if you need a shoulder to cry on, I'm just here remember that You know why I do this, because kidding aside, the more the persons I could help, the happier I become I am very expressive, they say. You could easily guess if I am gay, sad, depressed, disappointed, or mad. Others believe that I am a sweet person, what served to be their basis "well because they say that I am very "touchy-; the way I talk "I don't know but they say that everything I utter are uttered in a sweet manner whoo charing! Anyway, I thank you guys very flattering observations huh?!.

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