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             It sets the scene for who is faithful to the gods and revenge or who is just plain stupid. Piety, to Electra is very important. She surely would love to avenge her father's death but she can"t do it by herself. She needs Orestes there by her side to do it since it is the duty of the son to avenge the death of his father. In this case, Clytemnestra and Aegisthus are the murderers of Agamemnon's death. Electra, having hope in Orestes and a strong devotion to the gods, she lives mourning her father's death. Electra says "Never shall I depart from sorrow and tears and lamentation" (231-232). No one, even her own sister Chrysothemis, cannot make peace with Electra for Electra has "fear of the gods and respect for men."(250). Electra is pious throughout the parts of the play the class has read through so far. She is a woman who doesn"t give in easily with out a fight and will fight till the end. Electra reaffirms this as she is in a stichomythia with her sister. "I"ll fall, if fall I must, to avenge Aegisthus"(398). Chrysothemis has given up her fight and has sided with her evil mother. "give in to those who rule us" (395), she says. .
             Sisters are always tough. Especially when they disagree with each other. In this play Electra, Chrysothemis and Electra share different points of view though they are blood related. Chrysothemis believes to be well off in the world, it is better to side with evil than to do what your conscience says. Chrysothemis knows that there has to be revenge for what her mother has done but Chrysothemis never mourns with her sister or try to console her as the chorus does in the play. Chrysothemis is not respectful to her sister's lamentations and will stay as a coward. Electra also believes that Chrysothemis is a coward. "Only a coward would rely on that"(401) says Electra. Electra, as stated before, believes in the gods in a pious manner. She has proper decorum of a young lady for the vengeance of two murderers.

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