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Psychoanalysis Essay - Daddy by Sylvia Plath

            The poem "Daddy" was written by Sylvia Plath in October 12th, 1962. This poem is a very strong expression of resentment against the male domination of women and also the violence of all kinds for which man is responsible. In this poem, the poet rebuked both her dead father, but for most parts her husband and father figure. She uses imageries, metaphors, and themes that portray her father as an object of repression and desire. "Daddy" is related to psychoanalysis in literature in so many ways. Electra complex is one of the main thing in this poem; it is similar to Oedipus complex which is defined the desire of one child has toward the parent of the opposite sex and rejection of the parent of the opposite sex. The term "Electra complex" is used to describe the desire of a daughter has toward her dad. Displacement is another thing in this poem; it involves taking out the frustrations, feelings and impulses on people or objects that are less threatening. Lastly, Manifest and Latent content; Manifest content is defined as the actual images while the Latent content is the hidden messages under those images. Plath's desire toward her dead father could easily be seen throughout the whole poem by the way she describes her father, especially when she says she wants to recover him. In her poem, Plath also compares the similarities between her dead father and her husband; this is the displacement, her father figure and her husband. This poem utilizes Holocaust theme and imaginary which can be seen when she describes her dad as the Nazi and imagines herself being the Jewish that are taken to the concentration camps. .
             According to Sigmund Freud, "Electra complex is a psychoanalytic term used to describe a girl's sense competition with her mother for the affection of her father." Electra complex is seen from line 11-14 when Plath writes: "And a head in the freakish Atlantic, where it pours bean green over blue, in the waters off beautiful Nauset, I used to pray to recover you.

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