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Sylvia Plath - MLA style

            Analysis of "Daddy" written by Sylvia Plath.
             Sylvia, born of Otto and Aurelia Plath on October 1932 in Boston, Massachusetts. Warren, Sylvia's brother was born April 1935, concidently around this time Otto Plath's health took a serious turn. He believed he had cancer like a close friend who had recently died from lung cancer. .
             When Sylvia 8, her father passed away of Diabetes Mellitus (insulin dependant diabetes) out of ignorance, since insulin was discovered 20 years earlier by Fred Banting and Charles Best in 1920. At that time that type of diabetes could have been treatable with proper doses of insulin. Otto Plath's death had a major influence on Sylvia's life and the way she lived it, as shown in the poem "Daddy".
             Sylvia Plath's at the age of 8, experienced the lost of her father. This obviously means she doesn't know much him, whom he was or what he was about other than what was told her by her family, never knowing for herself. .
             The first stanza in this poem seems to be Plath striping down the disguises her family has put over her father. The black shoe could be a cover as the family might have been always telling Sylvia how great and brilliant her father was just to honor his memory. Sylvia wants to know for herself as she might have been living in his shadow. .
             I can picture her family and friends talking about how much Sylvia resembles her father, this stanza may be the point where she starts her own life away from the legend of her father:.
             You do not do, you do not do.
             Any more, black shoe.
             In which I have lived like a foot.
             For thirty years, poor and white. (1-4).
             In this poem it seems Plath is frantically jabbing at who her father might have been, at one point she even refers to him as a God:.
             Marble-heavy, a bag full of God, .
             Ghastly statue with one Gray toe.
             Big as a Frisco Seal.
             And a head in the freakish Atlantic.
             Where it pours bean green over blue.
             In the waters over beautiful Nauset.

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