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Sylvia Plath

             What was it that drove Sylvia Plath to suicide? What encourages a poet such as Sylvia Plath to produce such intense pieces of writing? Was it her childhood that forced her writings to reach such lengths, or was it just the mind of a creative woman? Many poets in the past have produced such works, but none have been as striking as those of Sylvia Plath's. Her poems such as "Blackberries" go much deeper then what is originally seen. Many of Plath's poems have made reference to her past. Knowing this, it's hard not to wonder what her life was really like. What kind of a history could force someone to end her life at the young age of 30? It is painfully obvious that Plath's history played a huge role in her poetry and her death. Some say that if she hadn't led the life that she did, she would have never been a world famous poet at all. .
             Sylvia Plath had it all. She was a well-loved writer, beautiful beyond compare, and one of the most intelligent women of her time. Though her life appeared to be perfect, she was plagued by thoughts of death and destruction throughout her adult years. During her adult life, Sylvia attempted suicide three times. When did her life and mind begin to deteriorate? .
             Sylvia's childhood seemed to be the start of all her problems. Her father taught at a university. He was a busy man who never showed much interest in his children. Sylvia tried very hard to earn her father's approval. Before his death she saw herself as being his favorite. Even after her father's death, Sylvia aimed to be an overachiever. She put great amounts of stress on herself, which may have had a lot to do with her first suicide attempt, when she was only 20.
             Her first attempt at suicide was a very important event in her life. She had left a note for her mother saying that she went for a walk and would be back in the morning. Hours later, police found her unconscious in the middle of the woods.

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