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             According to me, the kind of factors that would explain people's lack of response to other's distress might be caused by some fear that the person creates when they see a crime happening or witness a distressing situation. Their body reacts to the situation, making them very frightened and then not doing anything about the situation. For example, an individual sees a young woman that is getting stabbed by some stranger. This person can"t go over there and help the young woman or even call so that others may come. This person can"t do that cause of the fear and the shock that they feel. All they would probably do is stare at the victim and maybe pray to god that the attacker will not notice them. These reasons to me are probable as to why people do not help in a crisis.
             "Why people don"t help in a crisis" is one of the many strange decisions that a human being is able to make. I understand if someone is scared. But how can so many people watch another human being just like yourself fighting to stay alive and do nothing? .
             I disagree when Darley and Latane write "people trying to interpret a situation often look at those around them to see how to react. If everyone else is calm and indifferent, they will tend to remain so. If everyone else is reacting strongly, they are likely to do so as well". What if everyone acts calm in a situation were a victim is seriously hurt but everyone does not take it seriously. One person out of all those people out there take the victim's .
             situation seriously enough to go out there and help the victim. That according to Darley does not cause of the peoples to react strongly to the situation when the one individual goes out there and helps the victim. What I am trying to say is this individual did not help this victim because of how other people react to the situation. .
             Drawing from my own experience I now know why some people do not help in a crisis from a little experience I went through.

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