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The East Africa Food Crisis

            The selected articles focus on the ideas of food shortage and economics, and the impact of the East-African food crisis. A severe drought has struck the arid parts of East Africa, threatening hundreds of communities in the region. Over 12 million people are at risk and the number is only growing. Parts of Somalia have already been declared as famines, the first famine (anywhere in the world) since 1984, and attention around the world is only slowly increasing. Other areas are also badly affected, such as Somaliland and parts of central Ethiopia. Parts of Uganda and Djibouti have also been affected by the drought. Officially declared by the UN as the worst food crisis of the 21st century so far, the East Africa food crisis has resulted in the driest years in Africa since 1950. .
             This drought has huge effects and implications on not only Africa, but the world. Livestock is dying by the thousands, and the harvest predictions for this year are predicted to be 50% of the normal. Staple goods such as rice and bread have skyrocketed, while the value of livestock has plummeted. .
             This combination of lowered value and increased costs has resulted in a national issue with huge impact on the people of Africa. The effects of this drought are noticeable locally, nationally, and globally. The locals in the area of drought are no longer able to provide for themselves, nor can they produce the livestock and crops required by the country. .
             This has resulted in the livelihood of the local areas being depleted, and the GDP of the entire country lowering. Because food export is one of Africa's largest industries, this decrease in supply is noticed around the world and food prices have gone up greatly in short periods of time. Thus from this it can be concluded that this issue is local, national, and global in scope, with a connection among these levels. This drought is not only affecting the people, but the animals and plants of the region as well.

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