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Analysis of the United Nations

            Before the foundation of the UN, the League of Nations was considered as an intergovernmental organization whose principal mission was to maintain world peace. After the World War II, however, it was ended due to the lack of army and dependence on the Great Powers. With the failure of the LN, the UN had learned a lesson from it. For peacekeeping force and the UN's own independence, it has become a significant power to promote world peace and development. As UN PEACEKEEPING reported, the UN had raised $1 billion from the Better World Campaign to fulfill U.S. financial commitments between 2006 and 2008, which impacted millions of people to continue their lives (2012). It was known that the American government was going through a financial deficit, and millions of people were living under the pressure of unemployment. Undoubtedly, if American people did not receive help from the U.N., plenty of them would live with hunger and for those who were sick, probably they could not even afford medical treatment. Despite there are still doubts about whether the U.N.'s works are effective like the Rwandan Genocide, the U.N. has had vital success in fulfilling its charter so far and the U.N. seems to be the best organization to solve global issues like peacekeeping, regional equality and fighting AIDS.
             Firstly, the U.N. can prevent wars and promote the world peace. One significant job that the U.N. keeps doing is that it always assists to solve regional concerns in Africa. Due to the fact that most African countries are undeveloped, military conflicts happen everyday which makes African people live in dangerous space. Therefore, efforts on solving regional issues in Africa become a crucial part of promoting the world peace. As UN peacekeepers in Africa (2012) discussed, because of the UN's works on freezing the warring parties in Congo and Côte d'Ivoire, the conflicts between these two countries become less bloody and people's lives were saved.

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