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African Culture

             Traditional African Rituals and Contemporary Times.
             The Continent of Africa is made up of diverse ethnic groups and culture that if we were to demarcate a boundary for each group they will be so compacted together making it hard to read. Each of the groups had its own unique set of believes and traditional culture dated far back before the European rule in Africa. The different Socio-cultural believes system within Africa today explained how a group of people were socially connected through their beliefs system in many years ago.
             The significance of various African decent groups could trace from such during the foragers era about 10,000 years ago. When man was a food gatherer and hunter for his survival and a way of live hood.
             During this period man was not only limited, to the activities of gathering and hunting. He as well socialized by performing his spiritual ritual with his kin group. Different multifunctional activities were performed by different kin group which became the basis of recognition by many decent groups in Africa. The traits of various activities during the forages period were carried on to the horticultural period, when crops were grown using bare hands, feet and sticks then on to agricultural period when animal domestication was common in assisting on the cultivation process. .
             Many former African kingdoms and Empires traced their origin from such kin group and Decent that tied them with same cultural bond and believes system. For example the former Mali Empire with its capital city as Timbuktu, was made of the Mandingoes speaking people who claimed from Shounthiata Kiata. the Songhai Empire which is the day the Nigeria , Ghana Togo was dominated by the Hausa Yoruba and the Sine Saloum region which is made of today the Senegambia region was made of the Wolof who also claimed a direct decent from (Bourba Saloum ) meaning the Saloum chief.

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