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They Don't Care Where You Were Born Just How

            "They don't care where you were born just how".
             In the world of Gattaca the genetic makeup of a person is all the relevance needed for a person to be accepted. Set in the 21st century, when genetic engineering has reached a point of being able to create near perfect human beings. Parents are able to choose the genetic makeup of their children, therefore giving them the best opportunity of surviving and being the best at what they can.
             Vincent is an invalid a person born naturally and therefore deemed by the authorities" imperfect. Because of possible defects Vincent is unable to fulfil his dream to travel through space and is left with the job of cleaning buildings. In this alleged perfect world there exists a black market for false identities that the "invalids" can purchase. Through this window of opportunity Vincent buys the identity of Jerome, who is wheel chair confined through an unfortunate accident. Jerome provides Vincent with all the necessities to pass the frequent testing processes inside the Gattaca Corporation, with the use of Jerome's urine, blood and skin scrapings Vincent successfully penetrates the security of Gattaca. However Vincent must undergo painful surgery which raises the question "how important is the genetic makeup in this world?" and "what lengths will Vincent go to, to succeed?".
             Vincent was conceived naturally and Irene his love interest was genetically modified, the both however posses many faults and eventually learn to accept each other for who they are and not what they"re made up of. .
             Racism in this new world is at a new level where discrimination doesn't occur between races, those born else where or a person with a different shade of skin, but now occurs between the "valids" and "invalids" those who have been genetically modified are superior to those who were born naturally, called Genoism.
             The relationship between Vincent and his brother Anton proves to be a weak one, with Anton the youngest being dominant over Vincent.

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