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Death of a Salesman

            The role of a father is of utmost importance in a family, especially when there are male .
             The bond between a father and son is one of uniqueness and uttermost .
             importance in the child's upbringing. Fathers are a figure of authority and strength, where.
             the son wishes he could be as powerful and astounding as he sees his father. In the play, "Death .
             of a Salesman" written by Arthur Miller we are shown a typical 50's family and how they .
             react in situations between father and son. In this play, Miller relays a theme that still.
             exists today, the reality that fathers have a hard time communicating both their feelings.
             and their opinions to their sons without coming on too harsh or soft.
             Every family has expectations for their children, often the parents have higher expectations.
             for their first borns. Fathers often push their idea's ,beleifs and actions onto their children.
             regardless if they are good or bad. The father, Willy loman, as a salesman believes looks .
             and popularity are more important than being smart or getting an education."Bernard can get .
             the best marks in school, . . . but when he gets out into the business world,you are going .
             to be five times ahead of him. . . .The man who makes an appearance in the business world .
             . . is the man who gets ahead. Be liked and you will never want". (Death of a salesman,1949 .
             -page 33) Willy blames his eldest son Biff for not graduating, when really he never really .
             instilled the value of education in the first place, he always told them to be well-liked. .
             Fathers want whats best for their children, they use what they have learned in life to try .
             and give their children a head start. Willy loman is generally an un-successful businessman .
             not really a handsome looking man or a well-liked person. He believes his sons are both good .
             looking and popular therfore they should be amazing businessmen. Despite what they may like or.
             want to do in life. Willy makes fun of Biffs past jobs not really supporting the decisions he makes .

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