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Edgar Allen Poe

             Egart allen poe's life was a disater, no matter the age. yes he was the famous writter and peot, but moste those things didnt help him any. poes life was hard , he had a lot of troubles, everyone he knew or loved died, he drank and he didnt do much of anything. you think his stories are scarry, wait untill you learn about his life. .
             after poes dad left the family when he was one, things went wrong for poe, his mother dies when he was three of T.B. a freind of the familys took him in, the allens, but they did not legally adopt him, so he belonged to him-self. mrs allen raised him into a young man, then he turned on them and didnt want anything to do with thm, so he didnt even go by edgar allen poe,, he shortned it to to edgar a. poe. so after this poe went to college without money, and his first love was there, which dies of brain cancer. poe drew all over the walls of his dorm room, people wernt sure if he was going ot be a writter or an artisit , he went so low on money while in colled that he tired to gamble it back but just got more in debt, making him burn his furniture to keep him warm. after poe joined the army he soon dropped out of the armny and went to live with his aunt, while there he fel in lov with his 13 year old cousin. they moved to there new house and ran out of money, they lived on one thing for weeks at a time, when his wife was in her 20s she got t.b. she was in bed all the time. poe could not bare it and drank all the time, when he was nont drinkin he was writing the raven, poe got only 14.00 for this writing, but it did bring him fame, he worked 14 hours a day but could not keep his sicxk wife warm or fed. she died of tb proe was devistated, he wrote a poem anout her called annebelle , poe could not live without a femaled help so he founf a new love helen, he chareshed her very much, he wanted her to e the one who didnt die. he even wrote her a peom saying if she chose to die that he would die with her.

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