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Edgar Allen Poe

             Have you ever read a story so insane that you wonder how the author came up with it? Edgar Allen Poe was one of the authors that made you feel this way. In "The Tell-Tale Heart" and "The Masque of Red Death there is such a creepy feeling that the reader feels that you wonder what in life inspired the author to write this. For Edgar Allen Poe it was looniness, death and the feeling of no one loves you.
             Edgar Allen Poe was born in Boston on January 18,1809. His mother and father both actors but, his father left him, his mom and the rest of his siblings. Edgar's mom Eliza Poe fell sick when he was around 2 and died. He was raised by Mr and Mrs John Allen but never receive the love and caring a child needs because his father was all ways busied by work and his mom was all ways sick. Edgar receive a good education first at a boarding school in England than a private school in Virginia. He also attended one year of college at the University of Virginia before running off to join the army.
             "The Tell-Tale heart" is a story of murder. The narrator was driven to kill because of the old man's glass eye. The glass eye reminded the narrator of a vulture's eye. When Edgar's care taker John Allen was describe he was describe to look like a contemporary hawk. Both the hawk and vulture are both predators. the resentment Edgar had for his care taker is what drove him to write this story. Edgar never receive any love from John Allen which he called dad. In fact Edgar once over heard John Allen say "that he had no affection for me" (Silverman pg 35). The story was about the pure hatred that Edgar gained for his father and wish to do away with him.
             The "Masque of the Red Death" is a story about a prince who wants to escape death. He gathers a thousand towns people into his palace for company and locks themselves in to Escape The Red Death. There is music and ballet dancers to keep his guests happy and entertain.

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