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Remembering 9/11

            A year has passed since the events of September 11th. The entire world has slowly but steadily recovered, but still that day affects all the decisions today. What have we learnt from those events? Have we even come close to understanding what happened that day. No! We are miles away from understanding what really happened. We haven"t even given it a serious thought. .
             Today we are witnessing a playback of the events of the pre-September 11th period. The time when Muslims were simply butchered, tortured, disgraced, massacred, mortified and God knows what else. The hatred that started at the end of Afghan-Russia war, gained momentum by the events of Gulf war, fired by the massacres of Bosnia, increased by the destruction of Chechnya, fueled by the forced mass migrations of the Kosovar Albanians, Intensified by the horrors of Dagestan and again Chechnya and of course kept up by the constant violations and destruction of Palestinians and Kashmiris, brought the 9/11 carnage. .
             Now what is common among all the above mentioned events that produced such hatred which brought the 9/11 destruction. Yes! you guessed it. The systematic annihilation of the Muslims around the world. Now whether all of this is due to International politics, religion or just natural resources, is a another debate but the bottom line is that the victims were Muslims and we all know what people do when they get desperate.
             The hatred in the whole Muslim world changed into sympathy on September 11th. Everyone was appalled at the scale of destruction. That day was perhaps the only day in the history that brought us all together. Nobody cared if he was Christian, Jew or Muslim. Every one felt the same sense of loss as the Americans. But the accusations that started soon after the tragedy were themselves a tragedy. The very essence of Islam and its validity came under intense fire. Never before in history, had Christianity and Judaism had ever come under so much scrutiny as Islam.

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