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The 9/11 Conspiracy

            ´╗┐September 11, 2001 was a dark day in American history. The World Trade Center was attacked and almost 3,000 people died. The Attacks were said to be done by a terrorist group in the Middle East known as Al Qaeda, but what are the possibilities of another option? People were so preoccupied with grieving and mourning that no one knew who to point fingers at. No one even thought of betrayal to America but Americans needed someone to hate, and the media provided a villain. Now almost 14 years later people are starting to see things from a different perspective. What are the possibilities that the actual villains to blame are a lot closer to home than Americans think? It may seem crazy to think that the U.S. government would commit such a horror, especially onto its own people, but when one sees the situation from a different perspective it makes sense as to why it was done. The possibilities of the September 11th attacks being perpetrated by people within the American government are shown through motives for doing so, a history of corruption in the government, and scientific evidence. Along with other factors, these significant points will help show why the possibility is so likely.
             One might ask "Why would the Government attack its own people?" or "How would this benefit anyone?" The answers to these questions can be found in the time following the attacks and by analyzing wars in the past that America has been involved in. If one were to ask several Americans why troops were stationed in Middle Eastern countries a majority would agree that the military was fighting Al Qaeda and searching for Osama Bin Laden. This situation is often referred to as "the War on Terror." It is no secret that the U.S. has had a habit of going to war in the past and when analyzing these past wars it is important to look at the effects during and after the wars. The results of both World Wars show that not only did America survive the constant battling, but it also thrived from it.

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