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Drunks in College classification

            Most male college students understand when I say that if you don"t have a beer in your hand on Friday, then you"re not a college student. But what about the different kinds of drunks throughout your college? Are there some you love? Some you hate? Some that are funny? Some that just can"t stop talking? I have come to the conclusion that for every college there's at least seven different types of drunks: aggressive, chill, funny, crazy, horny, talkative, and the feel-sorry-for-me.
             The aggressive drunk is the one who drinks almost all the time, at any time, and drinks until there is no beer left on campus. He is always chilling with his boys and thinks he is the best. He's the big guy who tries to fight you over the last beer in the fridge, or if there is no reason to fight, he makes one up. You can see these guys also fall into the horny category later in the night when they are on their tenth or eleventh beer. These people are the ones you either are friends with or hate.
             The chill drunk. What a great drunk to have in your company. He's the one who buys beer, then let's everyone have it. He sits around on the couch and watches tv or participates in the drinking games. He never has a frown on his face and he's always up for conversation. Only thing he has a problem with is if he has to move more than twice throughout the night. He doesn"t go to the parties he makes the parties happen around him. He never drinks more than he needs, but some nights he might drink more than his limit. He usually only just drinks for a occasion. Usually there are more than one chill drunk, and they are always around each other.
             A funny drunk is a drunk that everyone loves to have at the parties. He makes everyone laugh and you know he doesn"t mean anything when he makes fun of you. These people are hard to determine in how much they drink. Some funny drunks can drink a few and be funny every time, but some have to drink above there limit to achieve this drunk state.

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