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             Inner peace, enlightenment, and true happiness are all sought out by many people with very diverse beliefs and religions. This path to eternal peace is the bonding point that ties most religions together. Some of these religions however, require a belief in a figure of higher power or in a higher God such as Christianity. It is possible to still live a morally good life and reach that point of inner peace without having to believe in God or other spiritual figures. Buddhism is an alternative choice for reaching enlightenment that requires no worshipping of Gods or a Bible which to live by. With Buddhism, the Buddhist is able to live a life free of suffering when nirvana is reached by choosing to be a better person and following the path of Buddha. When compared to Christianity, Buddhism offers a more tangible way of seeking inner peace.
             Buddhism was founded in India during 500 B.C.E by a spiritual leader by the name of Siddhartha Gautama. Gautama, later known as Buddha, discovered suffering and that he was not happy with his wealthy life as a Prince. At the age of twenty-nine, Prince Gautama decided that he wanted more than anything to discover how one might overcome suffering. "Siddhartha studied for six years with a group of five ascetics, practicing austerities and self- mortifications; however, his practices were so astounding that soon the five ascetics were followers of Siddhartha" (Boeree 2). When Siddhartha realized that he needed to find medium between the life of luxuries and self- mortification, the ascetics left him, assuming he had given up. Siddhartha Gautama then traveled to a village where he sat under a certain bodhi tree and made the decision to stay there until the answers to his questions came to him. .
             He sat there for many days, first in deep concentration to clear his mind of all distractions, then in mindfulness meditation, opening himself up to the truth.

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