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Maxium Versus Cosmo

            Magazines are printed publications that come out once every month. The paper is usually very good quality paper and bound to a cover. A magazine usually goes into more extensive coverage than a newspaper. Magazine readers are usually a high-school graduate, are married, own a home, and works full time. Men and women read them but slightly more women read them. People between the ages of eighteen to forty-four read the most magazines. There are many different categories of magazines out on the market; one that seems to have the most variety of readers is a general magazine. General magazines are designed to appeal to a wide, general audience by covering a variety of topics. Two general magazines that are very much alike one another on the market are Maxim and Cosmopolitan. Maxim is a magazine directed towards men that gives advice and purely to entertain. Cosmopolitan is a magazine directed towards women that give advice, news in Hollywood, and anything going on in a women's head. These two magazines are very similar in many ways. They are basically the same type of magazine but only directing themselves differently towards men and women. .
             Cosmopolitan is different from maxim in many ways. One of the first reasons is that it is directed towards women even though if a guy reads it he can learn so much more about women. The advertisements in Cosmo are strictly directed towards women. They are about makeup, clothes, shampoo, and alcoholic beverages. The articles are about giving women advice how to make them feel better about themselves, for example style .
             secretes, beauty buzz, and Cosmo hair. For the most part the articles are about advice on men. There are stories about good times and bad times women have had with men. One section that portrays this is the man manual, it goes into information on men and why they do the things they do. There are horoscopes and sections to have readers questions.

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