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Review Of 3 Magazines

            Magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Playboy, or Sports Illustrated Swimsuit are 3 very different magazines.
             I will start with the beginning. The cover. Cosmo will usually put an actress or supermodel on the cover of their magazines. The current is a model. She is wearing a top that shows off a lot of cleavage, some of her midriff, and tight pants. The top story is 40 SEX SECRETS OF WOMEN WHO ARE GREAT IN THE SACK. Other cover stories are How to Read his Mind, Be Naughty With Him, etc. Playboy's current cover has a picture of Kristy Swanson, naked. She is covering her nipples with her arm, and the picture does stop right above where the pubic hair would begin. Some of their cover stories: PLAYBOY"S TOP 25 PARTY SCHOOLS and WILLIE NELSON INTERVIEW. Sports Illustrated, Swimsuit has a picture of beautiful large breasted Latin women in a biquni. Their only ad says: RED HOT IN LATIN AMERICA. .
             Next, there are ads throughout the magazines. Playboy and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit target men with the majority, if not all, of their ads. Start with the first page: Copenhagen Pouches and Skoal pouches, skip a few pages and you will see STAR TREK THE SEARCH FOR SPOCK!! Skip some more pages, pass a Miller Lite ad, naked girls, Jose Cuervo, Trojans, Jack Daniels, naked girls, Vodka, an ad that says: MEN: BE TALLER!! And, of course, Maximum Testostrole. .
             Cosmo is probably the worst for young girls. The models that are on so many of the pages look to be no more then 90 pounds. Most likely, it is those models that begin many eating disorders for young women. Although the women in Playboy are naked, they have a lot more to their bodies then most of the women in Cosmo. I would not want to look at either magazine for too long because I would start to evaluate my body more then I do already. Sports Illustrated Swimsuit has more of the Playboy type, but much more athletic. I think that is great to show off.

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