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Jamestown or Virginia

             Jamestown or Virginia was formed due to a colonization order by King James I.
             Virginia company brought the first settlers to the New World which mostly consisted of unskilled young men who wanted to acquire wealth and go back to England. They had arrived late in the year for agriculture as a result of which, two third of them died and others survived by stealing from the natives and eating human meat. Jamestown frequently looked deserted with practically no law and order and community life. More settlers with families kept pouring in but their population was kept in check by yellow fever, malaria and typhoid. The Virginia colony grew rich as they started growing tobacco with the help of indentured laborers. It was the first colony to form any kind of government (House of Burgesses).
             Maryland was formed on the basis of religion. King Charles did not want to be bothered by the Catholics and thus he provided them with a colony to get rid of them. These settlers unlike the ones in the Virginia colony, came with the intention of staying. They did not make the mistakes the Virginian's made instead they bought land from the natives and started growing food and tobacco. .
             2. From 1630 to 1776 major economic changes took place in Jamestown. Tobacco became the resource worth investing. Lands were allotted and tobacco production dramatically expanded with the help of indentured laborers and slaves. Slave trade was a key factor in pushing up the economic status of the Chesapeake region. .
             The representative government in Virginia mostly represented people along the coast and not the people in back country. The settlers in back country needed transportation and protection from Indians but the government was of no help. The settlers started forming armed groups and solving their own problems. Nathaniel Bacon headed such a group and was responsible for indiscriminately murdering natives.

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