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Jamestown And Plymouth

             The first settlers of the 1600's came to Jamestown in search of new land. This 17th century city was one of the few settlements that got us where we are today. Another discovering colony was the Plymouth colony, which discovered or founded the Americas. During these colonies adventures to find new land for religious freedom, and adventure there were many problems, failures, successes, and adventures that these colonies had to take to find their new land.
             The goal of the Jamestown settlers was a simple but easy one. They were out to find new land, adventure, gold, and spices.
             But their trip was going to be a hard one, battling the seas; starvation, disease, and even death were going to be problems on their journey to America. As many as 100 people set out on the ship to find new land. Some of the types of people on this ship were preachers, carpenters, barbers, bricklayers, sailors, and many more. During their adventure over the seas the settlers suffered from extreme starvation and were forced to eat rats on the decks of the ship, leather from shoes, and even wood after the food was completely emptied from the ship. When the settlers first arrived at their new land they weren't happily greeted, there were Indians that wanted to kill them, bugs that swarmed over the land, and marshy areas that could not be used. But this would all soon change when summer came around. Eventually the temperature came warm, bugs died off, and there was peace made between them and the Indians.
             The Plymouth colony on the other hand, had an even better reason to find new land; they were out for religious freedom and a new life. But this would not be an easy task, for they too would also suffer from disease, starvation, death and battling the seas in search of new land. But when they arrived at Plymouth they were also unwanted by Indians. At this new land they found, bug infested land, swampy areas, and the Indians.

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