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The Analogous Aspects Of Bradford And Smith

            The Analogous Aspects of Bradford and Smith.
             William Bradford and John Smith provide eyewitness accounts of the finding colonies. The social structure and the way of life of the two colonies became very different. The colonists came to the New World for different reasons and purposes. Each one of the colonists carried out different procedures in governing. Also the difference in the colonists" lifestyle was linked to each colonist's different interactions with the Indians.
             The colonists had many problems in their homeland which made some colonists travel to the New Land, such as Bradford and Smith. They left their homelands for different reasons. Bradford and his people were denied the right of religious freedom thus causing them to come to the New Land. They set up a new type of democracy, which was in one way or another related to religion. Smith came to the New Land for economic reasons. He showed many signs of aggrandizement, where he would rule the colony for his reputation and power.
             Each had different views of governing and maintaining peace within their colonies. In Plymouth, mostly all citizens were Puritans. Their whole concept of governing and decisions were based upon God and religion. They had a type of democracy in their colony, where the laws were made upon the approval of several people. In Bradford's colony, he preserved order and unity, mainly because of the role of religion in the lives of the people. However, Smith had many great ideas in productivity, though he failed to teach his ideas and techniques efficiently. He said "Idleness and carelessness brought all I did in three years, in six months to nothing; and five hundred I left, scarcely three-score remained; and had Sir Thomas Gates not got from the Bermudas, I think the had all been dead before they could be supplied." This illustrates that six months after he left his colony, which was during a time of prosperity, nothing was left.

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