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"Traditional storytellers used their tales to entertain on o

            Traditional North American Indian narratives were more than just pure entertainment for the people. There had two other roles which were the history of the Indian people and the guidance which could be sought from the narratives. The narratives concerning the history of the Indian began from Creation and was very important to the Indians as they have never forgotten their place or role in the world. There were also those narratives that contained moral instructions, values, standards and spiritual guidance were where the Indians could seek help for problem that they faced throughout their existence, for example fighting the enemy, whether it was black or white. These standards, morals, values and guidance could be either deeply embedded within the narratives or loosely contained, but ultimately the North American Indians could find the meanings behind the stories. These narratives have been passed down from generation to generation and are still a major part of North American Indian life today.
             The history of the North American Indians was a vital part of their lives for two reasons. Firstly the Indians creation stories were an integral part of their lives. These narratives showed the Indians where they, and the world evolved from. They also gave the Indians the appreciation of the earth that they always seemed to have.
             The Creation stories for all North American Indian tribes were other wordly. They.
             As Wright has shown numerous times within his book "Stolen Continents" the Indians also wrote to keep records, for the future, about the invasion and treatment of the white invaders to their land. .
             For the Indians of North America the story of creation wa.
             To the North American Indians, myths or narratives were so full of meaning that they lived and died by them (Wright, 2000, p5).
             Within all North American Indian Groups there is evidence that the Indians kept records of their history throughout the ages.

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