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Steven Spielberg

            The article that I chose for this assignment was called The Great Directors:.
             Steven Spielberg and was written by Eric Molnar. Molnar whole opinion is that Steven Spielberg is the most underrated director and is often unseen as one of the greatest (Molnar). One main reason he isn't seen as one of the greatest artistic directors is because most artistic directors aren't as privileged enough to also have commercial success. Spielberg has expanded this works into various fields and has tackled many subjects. Molnar wants to inform us of just what Spielberg has given us to enjoy for all days to come. Molnar gives this excellent example o his artistic vision, "Saving Private Ryan is clearly his most accomplished technical piece. Both the storming of Omaha beach and the final battle at the bridge are whirlwind pieces of filmmaking. The bleaching of the film, by minimally over-exposing the negative, provides both scenes with a newsreel/documentary atmosphere" (Molnar). Spielberg has done over and over what I think has rarely been done before, create such beautiful films and also appeal to the whole audience. Molnar has explains that Spielberg is also a great storyteller. Evidence of this is most definitely exposed in such movies as E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and Jaws. The author illustrates Spielberg's willingness to allow "us", the viewers to understand the characters. Molnar writes, "E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial works in the same manner. Spielberg so carefully draws the audience into the mindset of Elliot, asks us to feel his emotions and passions" (Molnar). All in all, Molnar does an excellent job of explaining why we all should consider Steven Spielberg one the greatest directors of all time. .

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