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Schindlers List

            Many people after viewing the movie ask the question "Did that really happen, how could people be that cruel?" Spielberg left a lasting impression on the viewer's minds while at the same time educated them on the holocaust. Most people come across feelings of horror, emptiness and disbelief while viewing and are taken in to understand what really went on during the holocaust. Most people find the impression left on them to be a very strong one, but not all impressions were bad. Most thought That Schindler's character development was great and left an impression on them, but the overhauling impression of pain, disaster and horror (over struck (???)) Schindler's development. The dominant themes of Hope, Greed, survival, innocence and heroism stand out. Spielberg's most important focus on the film was aimed around Hope, greed and innocence. .
             Saying this, not many people would see these types of themes floating around million dollar "Hollywood-style" movies. They are not themes people flock to the movies and see, but Spielberg wanted to put the whole truth out there, not just cover it in sugar and make it (look alright (??)). Although, He did add humour, and a few other popular themes, his film was not focused around these ideas. Steven Spielberg's sole purpose for the film was to put forward his ideas of what really happened in the holocaust. I do not believe there was a dual purpose for making the film. He went so far to making it seem real, that he even shot scenes in the actual locations in which the "Real thing" took place. The Main and most obvious feature of the film showing his views was the use of Black and white film. It shows the audience, that this was real, it is a slice of history, this did happen. Not many people outside the Jewish communities even knew what really happened during those dreadful six years in world war two known as the holocaust. Schindler Tries very hard and succeeds in making the film real to people.

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