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Shindlers List Film review

            Yes I think that Schindler's List is a reasonable historical resource because it showes us what the jews went through and what it was like for them to be moved into concentration and extermination camps and ghettos. The film also shows us that not all Germans hated the jews as we see when Schindler makes his list and saves the jews that work for him. It is also a historical resource because the things that we see happen in the film and the things that Schindler did really happened. Schindler did make a list and the Schindler jews did survive the holocaust. Also the way that the jews were put into concentration camps and into ghettos as we see in the film happened. The film not only shows us the jews but it also shows us how the Germans moved into the jews homes and we see how the wealthy germans lived. We also see how the jews were terrorised and ridicule in the street by the germans. At the end of the film we see the descendants of Schindlers jews this shows us that they did survive and that the events in the film did happen.

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