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Little Women Film review

             The film Little Women was created in 1994 and Gillian Armstrong directed it. This movie was set in a small town in Massachusetts north of Boston during the Civil War. The leading actors include Winona Ryder, Susan Sarandon, Claire Danes and Kirsten Dunst. .
             Little Women seems to be a good example of what life during the Civil War was like. Especially having the father shipped off to war it shows a separate side than what is normally portrayed. It delved deeply into the four girl's lives and showed each one's struggle in trying to become a better woman. Considering that it was taken from the novel Little Women by Louisa May Alcott and that she wrote it about her own life, I would say that it is quite historically accurate. It shows a harsh sense of reality at that time when Beth catches Scarlet Fever. I"d say it is important to be accurate since it could be useful for the intended audience to take some knowledge away in addition to being entertained by a lovely story.
             Since this is set in a time period that we have read about I found that it makes it easier for me to grasp the film. It makes it so that I know more of what is going on in the movie and have a better understanding of what the girls are going through. Though in our lessons we did not learn much of what an average white family is like the movie helped me to get a view of just that.
             After watching Little Women it makes me more interested in what we are learning in this class. I found it easy to identify myself with the characters. Even though life was very different back then there were many aspects that made it the same and this movie did a good job of showing it.

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