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Killing us saftly 3

             Killing Us Softly is about how media, specifically advertising, affects us individually and collectively in how we view ourselves and all women. Although this film is also about advertising's effect on violence, objectification and trivialization, today we are most interested in how advertising affects how women feel about their bodies. The focus of this film and discussion today is about media images and women. We are focusing today primarily on women because it is women who are exploited as objects of beauty and used to sell products to both men and women. killing Us Softly reviews if and how the image of women in advertising has changed over the past 20 years.
             Jean Kilbourne meta messages saturate all parts of the mass media's messages. Overt messages are the primary messages such as a product on display in advertisements; meta messages are the extra information that the messages or advertisements carry. Meta messages are the values, images, norms, mores, and ideals of masculinity, femininity, success, normalcy, what it means to be right, wrong, good, bad, and what it means to be perfect. Jean Kilbourne offers an in-depth analysis of how female bodies are depicted in advertising imagery and the devastating effects of that imagery on women's health. Addressing the relationship between these images and the obsession of girls and women with dieting and thinness, Slim Hopes offers a new way to think about life-threatening eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia, and it provides a well-documented critical perspective on the social impact of advertising. Using over 150 magazine and television ads, this illustrated lecture is divided into seven sections for easy classroom viewing and discussion: Impossible Beauty, Waifs and Thinness, Constructed Bodies, Food and Sex, Food and Control, The Weight-Loss Industry, and Freeing Imaginations.
             I think Jean Kilbourne was misinterpreting the advertisements, Actually I said that it is my opinion that men have standarts, not kilbournes.

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