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Zombie Films

             Horror films have always been a popular midnight movie. Whether it is to get your seven bucks worth of screams at the local theater or a deceptive way to get closer to a girl/guy, horror films have been one America's favorite pastimes. Among one of the subgenre of horror films is zombies. The notion of the living dead has fascinated the human mind for centuries. The portrayal of zombies on the big screens has many times twisted this fascination and curiosity through a negative perspective, hence man's damnation, which according to Charles Derry as the horror of Armageddon. Although zombies fundamentally have the intuition to destroy mankind they are generally advocates to man's own malevolence creations or driven by a supernatural force. This essence of evil can also fall under Charles Derry's subgenre, the horror of demonic. Despite both subgenres, it is an epic battle between mankind vs. the undead. Over the history of cinematography zombie films has been able revolutionize through more modernize explanations, creativity, shifting trends, and additional gore to further connect with its audience. .
             Nowadays, zombie films are made with more sensible concepts and explanations for the rising of the undead compared to the classic rationalization of supernatural forces. Modern films such as Return of the Living Dead 3 (1993) by Brian Yuzna and 28 Days Later (2003) by Danny Boyle illustrate artificial chemically made lab monsters gone chaotic. Mainly the inception of these human chemical experiments were to enhance human life or to do the complete opposite and create better biological weapons of mass destruction, but eventually only backfire its creators. Resident Evil (2002) by director Paul Anderson is another modern day example of a lab research gone wrong. Alice (played by Milla Jovovich) in Resident Evil, awakes only to finds herself alone in an open city as she recalls no mental past.

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