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Punch drunk love review

             Once in a while, there comes an independent film that is a hit with the film festival streak. If it's lucky, it is shown a few "big screens" in major theatres over the United States. For the film, "Punch-Drunk Love," it's on its way up!.
             "Punch-Drunk Love" is not your typical mainstream Hollywood film. If described in one word, I would definitely have to say artistic. Every single aspect of this film contributed to the overall ambiance and mood that the director envisioned.
             This director, known as P.T. Anderson has been recognized as a director of cult favorites such as "Boogie Nights" and "Magnolia." This new film clearly broke him out of that mold - with a cinematic mainstream picture about a business man whose social skills are horrible because of the abuse of his seven sisters, until he meets the right girl. .
             I first heard about this film through a friend who was in charge of taking the film to several states for various screenings. He told me it wasn't your natural "romantic comedy" but still contains that innocence a beginning romance holds. .
             Although it was a well-promoted film, I don't quite know if it was advertised correctly. I went to see this with a couple of friends, only to have them leaving confused and unsatisfied. I, on the other hand, thought it was a unique film. It wasn't meant for pure entertainment, like most of P.T.'s films, yet the mystery turned to intrigue for me. .
             The cinematography was good, yet not great. It was filled with simple shots and simple movement. That seemed to be Anderson's intention with this film. Sandler's character is portrayed as a normal business man, which works well with the bland and real setting it is shot in. Yet as the film continues, the audience sees the heart of Sandler's character, which parallels the need to make him stand out in this "normal" routine world in a bright blue suit and a red or yellow tie. The framing varied within the context of the shot - close ups when Sandler was with the girl and vast, full shots when he is alone.

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