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Film Industry

            The film industry has been greatly increasing over the years. Comedy, action, horror, love stories, etc. have been the basic themes in the movies shown today. Yet, like "Pearl Harbor", "The Patriot" or "Shindler's List", some films also are based on the historical events that have taken place. Many teenagers don't care much for the past, and history being a requirement of high school students, so most do what they are required to do to pass and just move on with their life not really getting anything out of it. However, movies attract viewers and give another look at history in a different perspective than out of a textbook. .
             It is one thing to read about a war in a book than it is to see your favorite actor playing a main character in the historical event itself. I can go on and on with words of destruction and terrorism and war and you may not get anything out of it. Yet, movies bring life to the past, it gives feeling to what we see and it is as if we have seen the actual event with our own eyes. Even though movies tend to twist the plot by adding a love story into it or having the main character be a very important person in the war when in reality this man/woman was just another soldier. They still represent the truth about war, the horror of it all. Movies help us better understand the past without actually being apart of it.
             I doubt any of us were alive when the Revolutionary War began and ended, some might have been with Pearl Harbor or the Holocaust, however, those that will be born in the future will not be but with the help of the movie industry will too be apart of these events. They will one day read about them in their history class and might or might not get anything out it; it will just be another day of "it happened, get over it". Yet, thanks to the movie industry and the entertainment business, history can capture the feelings of the viewers and bring a different light by stepping back in time.

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