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Schindler's list

             The film we saw was alled "Shindler's List", it was made in Germany in . which is the main charater, Schindler. .
             The film was made in Germany, in winter time bacause people have winter clothes and you can see snow. The main character is Oskar Schindler which is a business men which is making a factory of metal and all the workers are jewish. At this time in the film the Jewish are being taken to concentration camps in the trains, except for the workres of the family.
             There is a lot of Marginalisation in this film, this are some of them: all jewish had to wear arm bands so they could recognise that they were jewish. When the little girl shouts " Good bye jews", because when a girl is saying this it has recognise the people are weak and it is being racist. When the jews are separeted between men and women, because familys are being separeted and are maybe not going to see each other again. When the jews are put in lines. When the jews are put into the trains because they don't really fit and are put in very bad conditions. When they take the jews valuables and clasify them and them keep them. They have to work very hard and after all they finish killing them. When the German go to the jews houses to get them and send them in the trains.
             Schindler help the jews becuase he was saving some of them from going in the trains to go and work in his factory. He gave papers to the jews so the could stay as workers in the factory.
             I could use the events in the film to make a presentation in many ways. I would use the colour black and white from the film to make it more dramatic. The idea from the film will help me give the message I want to give to remind people what it was like in the past. I could make posters and put images from the most important parts of marginalisation. I could do a painting of the most important in the film part of the film.
             I think the film has a message and that is to remind the people that something bad happen in the past and to remind it so we don't have the same mistake again.

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