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Schindler's List or Schindler's Ark?

             Release Date: 12/15/93 (limited), 12/25/93 (wide).
             MPAA Classification: R (Violence, Holocaust images, nudity, sex).
             Director: Steven Spielberg.
             Producers: Steven Spielberg, Gerald R. Molen, Branko Lustig.
             Screenplay: Steven Zaillian based on the novel by Thomas Keneally.
             The story of the Jews during the holocaust is brought out masterfully by Steven Spielberg in the film Schindler's List. This would prove to be a challenging task as Spielberg had to work away from many predecessors whom had filmed about the Holocaust as Spielberg has but also remain as faithful to the story of the 6 million Jews massacred during the Holocaust the finished product a masterful and emotion picture that feels like almost a documentary.
             The movie centralises itself around Oskar Schindler (wonderfully played by Liam Neeson) a womanizer, a war profiteer and a Nazi. Whom using his powers as a Nazi saves over 1110 Jews from concentration camps of World War II by employing them into his factory. Although this sounds like a lot Schindler isn't your average perfect hero he has imperfections like us bringing us a step closer to the film making it heart wrenching and believable. .
             The film is done in black and white adding a sense of reality to the film. The colour clean and pure the images crisp. The use of black and white allowed Spielberg to highlight major points and scenes by inserting colour into the appropriate places. The most powerful and emotion scene would be following the story of the girl in red. The use of black and white provides the full effect of the Holocaust: utter depression and hopelessness. The use of colour makes a point and an impression although the film opening and closing scene is done in colour.
             Itzhak Stern is a Jew chosen by Schindler to work as an accountant. However, Stern has an effect on Schindler which is part of the reason Schindler decides to save all his workers. We see his compassion when he rescues Stern from being shipped to a concentration camp.

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