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Censorship Essay

             In this report I will set out to investigate the hypothesis of why horror films made in the late 70's/early eighties were banned, but now we are allowed to see them.
             I aim to research a variety of sources for this report, primary and secondary.
             Primary sources will include talking to people and e-mailing official bodies relating to the hypothesis.
             Secondary sources will include books and the internet.
             When the research is complete this will form the main body of the text, which will discuss the hypothesis. This will then give a better understanding of why these films have gone through such a lengthy process to get where they are today. There will also be arguments formed in the main body of the text.
             Lastly a conclusion will be formed with my own thoughts on the hypothesis also included. .
             The Role of The BBFC.
             The British Board of Film Classification is a censorship body that regulates films, video and digital media. They then give them different classifications depending on the content of the film. The BBFC produce certificates on behalf of local authorities responsible for cinema licensing. They way in which the BBFC classifies a film has to be fair. It has to comply with the current guidelines in place and be in line with public opinion.
             The way in which they find out if the film is in line with public opinion and which certificate rating it should receive is by showing the different films to the examiners. The examiners job is to watch the film and comment on the following issues in the movie:.
             Theme/Topics, Language, Nudity, Sex and Relationships, Violence and Threat, Dangerous Behaviour, Weapons, Horror and Drugs. .
             At the end of the film the examiners will get together and discuss what they thought about the film and then try to come to a final decision on what they think the classification should be. .
             In order to get a film classified there is a fee. The fee all depends on how long the running time of the film is, for example, if a film last's ninety minutes then the fee would be £742.

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